6 Days of guns

Categories: Visual Design, Print, Concept Design

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Prototyping


For this project, I was given a script from the podcast titled "Guns" from This American Life aired on October 24th, 1997. The script was made up of 5 very different stories of people who have had very different experiences with guns. From a policeman who was shot many times by a shooter from his car window, to a boy who played with guns as a toy, there were many different perspectives regarding guns. With this script, I was challenged to create a book and use this content with a concept of my own related to the issue on gun control. This makes the content more personalized towards me as an individual who has an opinion on this issue.


Approach & Concept

Being a girl from California who has never experienced a gun before and cannot relate to the issue on guns, I wanted to show how I personally went through this podcast as I read it. This allowed me to stay on a neutral stance on this issue while also demonstrating my opinions and experience with the stories. To do this, I formatted the content in a diary like way, showing literally the 6 days of how I went through the podcast through comments on the side, and expressing the emotions I felt while going through some stories through type. On some stories, I used type as image to show emotion, while others lack this because I personally did not feel any emotions and couldn't relate to the story, bringing my personal voice into the stories.