Fruit Snack carrier

Categories: Visual Design, Product Design, Communications

Partners: Dahye Chung

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Prototyping

It's a nice day, and you and your friend want to have your light fruit snack outside. However, you realize there is no suitable carrier to take your fruit snacks outside in. Everything doesn't seem to match with the feeling and color of the fruits. The objective of this project is exactly that. It was to make a carrier that considered how the outside appearance of the carriers, mainly color, associated with the actual fruits that will be contained in the containers. We also considered how the carriers functioned.


The process

My partner and I chose the pomegranate and pineapple. We wanted to use fruits that were of high contrast, to make a more dynamic visual appearance. After choosing the fruits for each other, we started sketch out abstractions of each fruit to truly understand the colors and form. We worked with different kinds of mediums such as watercolor, colored pencil, and eventually digital (Adobe Illustrator). Through this making, we decided on making a visual theme of connecting abstract and realistic representations of the fruits, while also making a visual connection/gradation between the red and yellow colors of the fruits. From one side of the product to the other, there is the scale from red to yellow. 

color pineapple 2.jpg
c2 copy.png
color pineapple pic.png

Final Product

For the final product, we decided on a fruit carrier box that opens up to become a platform or mat that people can eat on. The experience of opening the box is almost like opening a gift, were healthy snacks are waiting inside.